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A message from our Founder Cat Ford-Coates
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Time to make a change.

Lost in overwhelm? Playing chase with your bills AND your clients? Love this work as a Photographer but can't quite get it to catch and STILL don't have time for your closest relationships? I see you. I WAS you.
That stops today.
No more hoping, and praying, and wishing.
That is not a strategy, it's a pipe dream.
It's time to DO the work that allows you to captain your ship making art with your clients, making money, and thriving in your life.

Finally...A Step-by-Step Way For You To MAKE Money as a Portrait Photographer!
Are you sick of chasing clients only to find that you're making PENNIES? Tired of throwing cash at ads and SEO? And looking for ways to build a network of customers who LOVE to work with you faster? At Takeover, we help portrait photographers build businesses they are proud of that allows them to live their lives on their terms.
In the last 5 years we’ve shown thousands of portrait photographers how to easily build sustainability into their businesses without years of hard work and trial and error. We’ve gone from borderline bankruptcy to $500K+ in revenue for our studio and now with our Photographer clients, and we can do the same for you too.

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Our mentees share about working with Cat below.
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Check out our blog articles for tips and insights from Cat around marketing, mindset, and the potential for your portrait business.
Cat Ford-Coates
Cat Ford-Coates is an internationally acclaimed and award winning portrait photographer and her purpose is to educate and empower other portrait photographers in sustainability, profitability, and growth so they can live life on their terms with businesses they can be proud of.
She has been featured on The Portrait System, The Portrait Masters, The Regenerator podcast, affiliates for CBS, NBC, and Fox.
She wasn't always a "success"; coming from a twelve year career in bartending and food service where she learned customer service, she entered the photo space in 2012 with heart and grit and has since built a thriving local studio in Asheville, NC in addition to a destination arm for her business where she has photographed retail clients in: Bali, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Phoenix, Italy, London, Munich, and more.
She leads from the space of getting people into alignment with the success they want so they can change the world one client at a time and make real money doing it.
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monthly mentoring

In The Studio: Mentoring Program

LIVE monthly training, Q&A, and photo shoots with Mentor, Cat Ford-Coates

From Mentees:

Ivana D: began studying with Cat after hitting some big revenue goals in 2023 but was BURNT OUT. To her credit, she had reached $100k for the year but on a wing and a prayer with countless low sale and no sale sessions. Her first month with Cat she reached $6k, second month her revenue doubled to $12k, and in her third month had her first $10k sale AND reached $20k in one month. In month 4 she moved across the country and STILL had $7k in revenue from new session fees alone in her new city.

Amanda L: began studying with Cat in "In The Studio" and in her first week had her first client spend over $5000 at $6500. (YAY!) But a few days later the client called with buyer's remorse about the spend. Through her coaching with Cat & implementing Cat's advice and service-based strategies she went back to the client which resulted in a $27,000+ sale.


"Implementing everything I'm learning and just had my highest sale to date! $9011.80! It works! It's really WORKING!"

Angie Whitten
My Harmony Photography

"Cat is the best mentor I've ever had."

JoEllen Verna
JEV Portrait

"I've been dabbling in a lot of courses in this past year and none of them have pushed me into what I feel is the right direction, a sustainable direction as your SHINE course has. Thank you!"

Tia Haygood
Toptia Photography


The Portrait Council Mentoring Program

Move he needle!!! Individualized mentoring with Cat Ford-Coates so you can avoid the pitfalls in scaling beyond $20K per month to have consistent sessions, a higher sales average, and more money in the bank with less time invested in the "doing" of your business.

Includes: full access to the training library in addition to our intensive programs around sales and marketing for portrait photographers, and tailored one-on-one coaching, and a monthly group mastermind


Practical tips & tricks

Our training is designed to provide the information you need with both a tactical strategy and understanding that we are HUMAN. That means that we must appreciate our mindset & give ourselves grace as we learn to embody being CEO's who also happen to be Artists too.


Grow Your Community

Participate in our online forum, share thoughts and ideas to grow your network of support, personal accountability, and shoot for the moon in your portrait business.

Monthly Mentoring Program

Learn from Cat each and every month with live coaching, challenges and masterclasses, and photo shoots where she shares her process, inspiration, and more. Isn't it time you trusted yourself to make a decision in your business that put you ahead of the DIY mess you've been sloughing through?
Monthly and annual options available.

A la Carte Courses & Bundles

Course Intensives on infrastructure and marketing are key in building your portrait studio sustainably and profitably.
Enroll where you need specific support.

Full Support with
The Portrait Council

Move the needle!!! Individualized mentoring with Cat Ford-Coates so you can avoid the pitfalls in scaling beyond $20K per month to have consistent sessions, a higher sales average, and more money in the bank with less time invested in the "doing" of your business.


Catch up with Cat Ford-Coates every Monday where she shares a new interview with portrait Photographers from all walks of life to celebrate their wins, work through challenges, and discuss all things business AND personal development.

You can listen here on the website, on your podcast platform of choice, and on YouTube


"If money is a value metric the results speak for themselves. Last year after one of Cat's marketing classes, I decided to run a Black Friday campaign which in the past has not been super successful. But after learning from her how campaigns actuallly work, I had a VERY successful Black Friday sale! In one weekend I immediately brought in $10,000 of revenue into my business. And all of those bookings kept my calendar full the first half of 2023 and I can proudly say that the $10K has now turned into $35K+ in sales with more coming in.
Working with Cat is a true gift that continues to shape my life and my business in the most positive, impactful ways. She is the only one for me!"
Judith Hill Levenson

Cat Ford-Coates

CEO, Portrait Photographer, Portrait Mentor

A professional Photographer for more than ten years, and have reached the highest level of accreditation with The Portrait Masters as a Fellow Master Photographer, an official Mentor for The Portrait System and am a “black belt” in the teachings and education of Sue Bryce, and my highest value is Freedom; Freedom in money AND in time. I've created this focus so that you can treat your business like a business to make more money, execute, and delegate like the boss you know you're meant to BE.