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Consultation FAQ

How much is a consultation with Cat?

NOTHING! These calls are complimentary to see if we can even help! Look, your circumstances are your circumstances, plain and simple. My job as an educator is to help get professional portrait photographers into the space of sustainability. Either way, you will get some clarity around what I think your next steps should be, and if I CAN help, I'll tell you, and if I can't or we aren't a good fit, I'm happy to make recommendations for resources that can.

How much is it to work with Cat?

Really, that varies based on our level of engagement. You can scoop courses in our course catalog for under $500 or invest in group coaching, and even one-on-one which can range and really, the last thing I want you to do is invest into a program with me for something you don't need. If I DO think I can help you, I'll invite you to a specific program based on YOUR needs and if I don't, I'll point you in a direction that serves your goals.

Why would I book a consultation in the first place?

Because you already know you need help. You have things in motion (or are about to), and you aren't interested in the pitfalls of figuring it out on your own: the time lost, throwing hundreds and even thousands at wishing you're getting it right. You're ready to scale into the next phase of your studio and you want to get it right.  
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