The Revenue Challenge

Let's make some money! Join our three day REV-enue challenge 
I'm so glad you're here! There were so many times in my business when things just weren't working, or sales were down (summertime WHUUT?), and when I would get through my pity party and realize that I could take specific actions to move the needle those actions were always found in three areas and I'm sharing those here with you during our three day revenue challenge!
Growth doesn't really happen on accident. It doesn't work that way. It may feel like it sometimes but that is usually because you've had your head down, doing the work, and one day you look up and realize you've reached momentum and you're in motion.
But there are also those times when you're in your head and spinning your wheels and NOTHING is working. 
That's where I come in. Let's shake off the nonsense and I will show you in three days what it took me years to realize. Let's cut through the bullsh*t and make some money! Will you join us?

Cat Ford-Coates


Day One: Brass Tacks

Day One: We break it down to brass tacks! There are three areas in which we leverage to generate revenue:
  • Products
  • Sales
  • Marketing

We'll cover a personal audit of where you are in these three areas and how you can shift each area into one of STRENGTH and on a timeline!
We'll set goals and move into day TWO with momentum!

Day Two: Discover Your Leadership

Day Two: Even if you're a solopreneur as the CEO for your business you already ARE a leader. Today we will dive into exactly how you can lean into your CEO-ness.
  • How to sell without feeling gross about it
  • Define and empower your mission as a portrait artist and a business owner
  • Uncover the brilliance of your service & products

Day Three: It's GO time!

Day Three: We roll everything from days one and two into actionable steps you can take immediately!

  • How to prioritize your objectives and targets so you stay on track
  • Leverage each of the three areas from day one to entice, educate, and empower your market to CHOOSE YOU
What's it like learning from Cat Ford-Coates?


From courses, to in person workshops Cat works with portrait photographers who want to scale their income to live their lives on their terms.

Brenda Spielmann

There are 1000's of courses out there so how do you choose? For me what and how Cat Ford-Coates teaches is a no brainer. Having ADHD makes it difficult for me to break down information and organize it in my brain, and Cat is a master of explaining and breaking down actionable steps. She uses language in a way that just makes every concept so clear. I have a million AHA moments. I feel the investment in what Cat offers comes back tenfold. Like I said, her courses are the best investment!

Jennifer Horst

As someone leaving the corporate space to be full-time in my business, this course was jam packed with all the things I needed to ramp up and put in place. Procedures, standards, mindset - everything’s there to get your business where it needs to be to THRIVE. I can’t recommend it enough!

Angie Whitten

Implementing everything I'm learning and just had my highest sale to date! $9011.80! It works! It's really WORKING!

Stop spinning your wheels and take some action already!