In The Studio:

 Mentoring Program

Learn how I create unforgettable portraits for my clients and grow my revenue year after year.

Your clients deserve to have you perform at your highest capacity.
You deserve the time and energy to create the art and the business your heart desires. 
Your business deserves to be profitable.

In The Studio: Mentoring Program

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Course overview
In the Studio with Cat Ford-Coates is a monthly mentoring program with Mentor Cat Ford-Coates where each and every month she shares photo shoots, business advice, and more! Learn how to light, style, and pose! Learn how to build profitability into your pricing, free up time in your calendar, market effectively, and more! It's time to elevate your work: for you and for your clients.
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You aren't here by accident. In fact, I would even venture to say you're here on purpose. You're looking for an opportunity to evolve in your business and as an Artist.

I'm here to help. Join us today and engage with your purpose to be more.

The truth about owning a portrait business

When you start your business you dream of things like having control over your own schedule, and shooting amazing clients in a beautiful space! 
What no one tells you is that it can be isolating and lonely, that you have to master marketing and sales strategies, that you have to measure things like return on investment and opportunity cost. You signed up for making art and to have the freedom that comes with owning your own business and now you're realizing that your business owns you. That isn't a business, love. That's a job.

In The Studio gives you:
  • Marketing strategies to attract your favorite clients
  • Systems to deliver unforgettable customer service
  • Pricing designed for profitability
  • Creative development & challenges
  • Access to LIVE Q&A with Mentor Cat Ford-Coates
  • Private Members Only Facebook group
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Earlybird Subscribers have access additional programming:


Sustainability is just the beginning! Join Cat Ford-Coates to build profitability into your systems that gives you the freedom to build a business with joy instead of chasing, and wishing, and praying. You aren't researching photo education because you've reached your goals. You're here because you need the tools, the mindset, and the strategies to take your business to the next level.

frequently asked questions


Join us on the first and third Thursdays every month at 3:00pm for LIVE coaching and Q&A with Cat Ford-Coates where she shares with you everything portrait.
From fly-on-the-wall photo shoots, to posing, to lighting, to business topics like marketing, sales, infrastructure and more!


All live broadcasts will be released and included in your subscription membership portal so you can rewatch at your convenience


Annual plan at $6000 or our monthly plan at $600 per month


Released January 1, 2024
  • SHINE: Marketing Mastery 12 week INTENSIVE
  • Foundation to Freedom INTENSIVE

Available NOW:
  • Master Your Marketing
  • Portrait Visionary: Masterclass
  • The REV-enue Challenge
  • 10% off a la carte digital courses and products
  • LIVE monthly training with Cat Ford-Coates
  • Podcast Like You Mean It
  • and more!

Quarterly Creative Challenge!
Q4 2023: One Light Three Ways

LIVE training on the first and third Thursdays of every month

Members Only Facebook group

Upcoming Topics For Membership

  • The Consultation
  • Immediate Ordering Sessions
  • Incorporating Inspiration
  • Developing Style
  • Posing
  • Sales
  • Handling Objections
  • Marketing
  • Lighting Techniques
  • and Photoshoots with Cat released every month!

Upcoming Calendar

  • 12/1 BONUS Release Shift Workshop!
  • 12/7: Business plan success outline
  • 12/15: One Light Three Ways
  • 1/1: BONUS Release SHINE & Freedom Intensives begin
  • 1/4: Studio Tour
  • 1/16 & 1/17: In Person Workshop "Developing Your Style"
  • 1/18: Sales Success Workflow
  • 1/31 BONUS Course: The Dancer Series

Courses Included with "In The Studio":
Foundation to Freedom & SHINE to be released Jan 2024

what do you get?

The growth you've been looking for


Monthly Masterclasses:


Private MEMBERS ONLY Facebook group with community and challenges throughout the year ONLY for paid members of The Studio Takeover

Frequently asked questions

What if I can't make it to the live broadcasts?

All of our broadcasts are recorrded and willl be available to you in your member portal tyically within 48 hours or 2 business days of the broadcast.

How do I know if this is a good fit for me?

When you're tired of trying ALL the things and getting nowhere, or you're finding some success but have hit a plateau, or you are needing specificity in your systems and how you operate with your clients and behind the scenes this is a great place for you.
Have additional questions? Reach out. We'd be happy to discuss your circumstances to determine if "In The Studio" is a good fit for you.
Email [email protected]

Is one-on-one mentoring included in "In The Studio"?

One-on-one mentoring is available in "The Portrait Council" program only. 

Is this for me if I shoot outdoors and not in a studio?

Sure thing! Portrait is portrait regardless of location. 
join us today

573 students and counting

I've gotta say: this program. Week one - so much digging in and sooooo much clarity. It's only week one! (SHINE course)
Lisa Advent
It was time to focus on the business and there was nobody better to learn from.
Suz McFadden
As I'm in my foundational stages, this was a way to avoid the stumbling so I can fast track my business too get where I need without spending years to get there.
Lisa Lacy

Mentees also have access additional programming:


Additional programming included:

  • Marketing Fundamentals webinar
  • Podcast Like You Mean It
  • Members only Facebook group
  • Monthly challenges
  • and more!

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Your Mentor

Cat Ford-Coates

CEO, Portrait Photographer, Portrait Mentor

A professional Photographer for more than ten years, and has reached the highest level of accreditation with The Portrait Masters as a Fellow Master Photographer, an official Mentor for The Portrait System, co-host of The 12 Month Start Up, and her highest value is Freedom; Freedom in money AND in time.

"I've created 'In the Studio' so that you can learn to treat your business like a business to make more money, execute, and delegate like the business owner you know you're meant to BE."

My job isn't only to help you elevate your skill sets in the studio, but to be paid WELL in doing so.