Portrait Client Email Templates

Communication with your clients is paramount to the success of their experience with your studio.

  • A library of 15 emails that you can integrate today to ensure you are able to clearly communicate; your service, expectations, boundaries, & gratitude at every step of your journey with them.
  • In addition there is also included a six-part email nurturing sequence to incorporate into your email newsletters to connect and engage with the people signing up!

These emails architect a systematic template so you can ensure you're meeting every opportunity to provide an amazing experience.

Lisa Advent

All I can say is: Get them!!!! Make your life easier and just buy them already. These email templates save me sooooo much time. They give all the steps. There is an email template for everything you need to run your business. I use them ALOT! and seriously let's face it. . . everything Cat is golden.



Hi [NAME],

Thank you so much for reaching out to [STUDIO NAME]! We craft our portrait sessions to the clients and their needs. Your vision is what sets the intention for our shoot together and it truly is a once in a lifetime experience. We're sure you can already see that this truly is more than just a photo session [LINK TO EXPERIENCE PDF] and we cannot wait to hear what you have in mind.

Next Steps:

      - Book a call with our Studio Coordinator [LINK TO CONSULT CALENDAR] to discuss your ideas, needs, and goals for your project!
      - Take a look through our FAQ page on our website [LINK TO FAQ PAGE]. We’ve listed out the most commonly asked questions we’ve gotten from HUNDREDS of clients over the years from how to prepare, to investment, to wardrobe, to how to use or display your imagery and we’ll bet this page will answer most of the questions you have too.
     - Once we have an opportunity to speak with you to understand your goals and needs, we can address specific questions about possibilities, details, and designing your session!
     - Should we decide together that we are a good fit in working with one another, we'll begin designing your session and share information with you about preparing for your session with us so that you can come feeling confident and excited.

Who We Are:

[STUDIO NAME] is home to accredited and award-winning Principal Photographer [PHOTOGRAPHER NAME - LINK TO FOLIO]

Client Testimonials:

Client testimonials and referrals are the lifeblood of our business. We don't expect you to blindly trust that we'll create an incredible experience for you. See for yourself in our Google reviews [LINK TO GOOGLE REVIEWS]!

Thank you so much for the opportunity to present you with our work and we look forward to having you in the studio.



Adrienne Alivia Klotz Floyd

This rocks and is easy to tweak into your own voice! I dropped them into 17 hats in an afternoon including adjusting to my voice!