Oct 24 / Cat Ford-Coates

If you believe you can or that you can't, you're right

Have you heard the saying "If you believe you can or that you can't, you're right"? This is for the portrait photographers who: are bad at marketing, are bad at selling, can't get it to catch...you're right. You can't.

"Well, that wasn't very nice..."

No I suppose it wasn't but really it was just meant to shake you a bit. Look, mindset is a thing and not one of us, ANY of us came out of the gate being "Great". We may have had a knack for composition, or sharing our message but it took everry single successful photographer time, focus, and energy to get to be good, let alone great at any of it.

  1. And it starts with awareness ofthe situation and circumstances, acceptance that this is the way it is TODAY (not tomorrow, not a year from now), and the determination to be open to learning how to be more. WHO is doing what I want to be great at?
  2. WHERE are they?
  3. WHAT are they modeling in the areas I want to improve upon?
See where I'm headed?
My Mentor, Sue Bryce refers to this as "becoming". She says imposter syndrome is bullshit (she's right) because you ARE an imposter. That's OKAY TOO! You are BECOMING and the next steps will unfold for you; opportunities will present themselves for you to BE MORE, experience more, learn more in your life.
So how do we shift? It's mindset right? And yes, I AM aware that "mindset" is a bit of a fad word however, your mindset IS the foundation for how you view and experience the world around you. So if you believe that you suck at marketing, you're right. You DO suck at marketing. That doesn't mean it can't be learned. Reframe it! "I'm learning to be a powerful marketer!" "I'm expanding my reach everyday!"
See? It really IS that simple. The key is to take inspired action when it presents itself. Setup the email list. Read a sales book. And if you want a deeper dive in marketing specifically, scoop the marketing webinar here on The Studio Takeover (it's FREE) to learn how to build a path for your marketing.
  • Rome wasn't built in a day, my friend. And even if your Rome had been built so quickly, you wouldn't appreciate it if it were. The firs step is to start controlling your thoughts and your perspective. Are you experiencing life by default? Or are you taking control of your life and living life on your terms? Start witn your mindset and if I can help you in your portrait business, join us "In The Studio" the portrait education designed to support you in your business with:
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Cat Ford-Coates

Cat Ford-Coates is a mentor for portrait photographers, a print competition judge, co-host of The 12 Month Startup with The Portrait System, dog lover, and creative. With more than eleven years of running her portrait studio from nothing to more than $500K in revenue, she is here to help you master your craft and elevate your business with The Studio Takeover

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