The Portrait Branding Library

Portrait Photographer library of branding assets

Websites Customized to Your Portrait Brand

Which aesthetic fits the style you want for your brand?
Work with our Graphic Designer Christina to customize a website that fits YOUR desire for YOUR portrait brand. Choose from the templates she has created below and build a studio brand you can be proud of!
Value $4500
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Boho Chic

Rich earthen tones bring this elegant bohemian style. For the photographer who isn't relegated to the typical, everyday. For the photographer who employs muted tones which compliment an approachable and friendly brand.
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Modern Minimalist

Contemporary layouts showcase grace and style allows for your imagery and messaging to SHINE.
For the photographer desiring a modern aesthetic and magazine inspired visual magnet in their business.
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Elegance Embodied

Coco Chanel said:
"Adornment, what a science! Beauty, what a weapon! Modesty, what elegance!"
This speaks volumes for portrait photographers desiring their work speak for itself.
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Editorial Edge

With a more masculine design, this is for photographers whose work impacts the viewer with a fashion edge and inspires them to take action in working with you

150+ Instagram Post Templates

Sprinkle these customizable PNG templates throughout your feed to build a cohesive visual brand on social consistent with your website & other marketing materials
Value $129

Customizable PNG files

Customize in Canva with your imagery. Easy peasy.

Visual Cohesion

Your social space(s) are intended to be cohesive with your website, and marketing materials so that your brand is recognizable even before you connect for a conversation

Consistency in your Marketing

Consistency in your marketing isn't only about how often you post but also in crafting a signature aesthetic when you do

Support when you need it

Perfect resource for support when you've got so much going on and haven't prioritized what to post about! Dig into your IG library and post with your thoughts and imagery.

Customizable PDF Designs

The experience, how much do you charge, frequently asked questions, your process, and so much more included here in these guides.
All completely customizable with your imagery and your language in Canva.
It's the polish for your brand that you've been looking for.
84 page experience guide to showcase your work, your clients, your studio, and how it impacts the world around you.
Value $199

Portrait Photographer
Experience Guide

Feature your services, subscription opportunities for your customers, and your pricing in a way that builds value and connection with the reader making you the obvious choice.
Value $99

Pricing Guide

21 page template for you to create an email lead magnet showcasing aspects of your business to interested parties:
  • workshops
  • networking
  • events
  • campaigns
  • promotions
  • appearances
  • opportunities
Value $99

Lead Generation Email Templates

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I have the ability to update following the initial website design? Imagery, copy, etc?

Yes! Absolutely! The purpose is to give you a baseline with a beautiful website so that you can update and add as needed.

Is copy provided for the websites and pdf's?

Your voice is required. These tools provide the framework and you will provide the verbiage.

Will the websites be optimized for SEO

The templates themselves have been optimized for being mobile friendly, and fast load times for desktop and mobile.

What is your refund policy?

The Portrait Branding Library is non-refundable once purchased. With the deliverables being of digital nature that are immediately sent and the customization process with the designer, all sales are final. Should you have specific questions that require clarity prior to purchase email support@thestudiotakeover.online so that we may address your questions in full.

Easily a no-brainer!

OMG There is SO much value here, over $5400 in value!
  • A Customized website w/Designer Christina Lerchen
  • Drag and drop social content templates for a YEAR (posted twice a week)
  • an 84 page Magazine
  • a 21 page experience PDF for your inquiries
  • a 24 page email lead generation template which could EASILY double for your newsletter
$4000 ($1000+ in SAVINGS)
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