Podcast Like You Mean It

Podcasting often gets overlooked as a serious option in marketing for your portrait business. Learn how to build your own podcast, approach hosting, and the gear you will need to execute and start building your podcast today!
According to Podcastle: 51% of the population has listened to a podcast, and 78% are generally familiar with the medium. Furthermore, 28% of the American population listens to podcasts weekly.

#1 Expand Your Reach

Expanding your reach, even if your focus is a local community is a powerful way to connect more deeply with your audience. By giving others an opportunity to share their world with yours your presence expands into THEIR networks and expands YOUR reach!

#2 Position Yourself as an Expert

You ARE the expert in portrait in your world and everyone needs to know it! Share your expertise with the world!

#3 Create Opportunity

Create opportunity through collaboration, sharing your insight and appreciation on topics you're passionate about!

#4 Repurpose Across Platforms

Video and audio recordings from your episodes can be repurposed across platforms to build and engage your social media audience(s).

What's included?

podcast like you mean it

Expert Interviews in Podcast Like You Mean It

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Kevin Conde

  • The Portrait System:Podcasting Co-Host with Ashleigh Taylor
  • Co-host of “On The Hook” with Angie Whitten
  • Portrait Photographer, CEO, & Owner of Pop Light Photography
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Adrienne Klotz Floyd

  • Host & Producer of the podcast FilmCraft.Biz
  • Former Lighting Director for NFL Total Access
  • Touring Lighting Designer
  • Imaging Specialist for VFX/Film/TVHollywood
  • Digital Imaging Technician
  • Former Educator for On-Set Electricians
  • Portrait Studio OwnerCEO of 1973 Productions, LLC

Frequently asked questions

What is "Podcast Like You Mean It"?

An introductory course for portrait photographers looking to integrate podcasting as an arm of their marketing:
  • How to systematize the process
  • Gear & Software needed
  • How to approach hosting

Who is it for?

Portrait Photographers who need guidance in understanding basics in audio (mics and patterns) and the workflow of a podcast

Is "Podcast Like You Mean It" included with any of your other programs?

Yes! It is included with our flagship Marketing course SHINE and in SHINE is accompanied with a list of podcasts and application links to guest on those platforms

What happens if I've purchased "Podcasting Like You Mean It" and decide to enroll in "SHINE" as well?

Email support@thestudiotakeover.onlineand we will send a discount code for the purchase price paid that you can apply toward SHINE, The BOSS bundle, or The Portrait Council.

Cat Ford-Coates

CEO, Portrait Photographer, Portrait Mentor

A professional Photographer for more than ten years, and has reached the highest level of accreditation with The Portrait Masters as a Fellow Master Photographer, an official Mentor for The Portrait System, co-host of The 12 Month Start Up, and am a “black belt” in the teachings and education of Sue Bryce, and my highest value is Freedom; Freedom in money AND in time. I've created this focus so that you can treat your business like a business to make more money, execute, and delegate like the boss you know you're meant to BE.