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CREATE: Workshop 

Join us Jan 16 & 17, 2024 in Asheville, NC with Mentor Cat Ford-Coates as she pulls back the curtain on Creative process through intention, self exploration, and personal connection.
Learn to elevate your own style through a personal process to empower not only your own evolution as an Artist but as a human being.

What's included?

Day One: Discover and Mold YOUR style

Will start with coffee and small bites immersed in conversation and Cat's methodology around self discovery. I have no interest in your work "looking like mine", that isn't the intention here. This workshop allows us to dive deep into your heart and how you desire for your work to evolve.
  • Your camera, tripod, & lenses
  • Open mind

Day Two: Create and Evolve

We will be photographing multiple models throughout the day so be prepared to be shooting and supporting other attendees as their visions unfold alongside yours.
Lunch will be provided both days.
  • Your camera, tripod, & lenses
  • Open mind
  • Comfortable shoes

CREATE: Exploration & Personal Connection



The sooner you can shift into your HEART the sooner your creative exploration will imbue with the love you have for your craft. 
It doesn't have to be "hard" but you DO have to shake off your own self judgement of perfection. Connect to YOUR heart and nothing else in the world matters. That vision does not serve you or your growth as an Artist.


Constant light, strobes, natural light, styling it ALL counts and in Cat's studio you'll have the tools at your disposal to explore and experiment to fail forward in creating work you are PROUD of. 
Work that is connected to YOU.


Of course some may want to take the imagery created during this workshop and add it to their portfolios to showcase work they want to create with their clients to which you are absolutely welcome.
I also find that many attendees find that the work created here allow them to showcase their purpose and message in even more meaningful ways because it is connected to their heart and for that I am proud.
Share, print for your studios, or simply keep it for yourself because it will shift how you show up for your work, your clients, and for YOU.

From Cat:

I'm excited to dive deep with you and be your sojourner of personal exploration which will empower you to grow as an Artist and as a human. 

Creativity through Connection

I used to stare at my work with an immense self loathing. I could FEEL that I wanted my work to look like, but I was beyond frustrated that I couldn't bring it to life. It wasn't until I allowed myself to play, to experiment, and to fail that my work evolved.
My goal isn't to just hand you a lighting diagram and hope for the best. There are plenty of educators that can do that with you.
My goal is to not only share my journey and my process but to create WITH you, to explore with you, and to connect with you so that you can return to your studio in your own presence with your own muses, clients, and models to continue that exploration, to continue that connection, and continue the evolution of your work in your world.
You MUST connect with your heart.
You MUST connect with what you want for your work to not only look like, but to FEEL like: for you and for everyone you photograph.

Frequently asked questions

Do you have hotel recommendations?

We recommend the AC Hotel by Marriott in downtown Asheville

What are the timeframes for each day?

We will start at 10:00am and wrap around or after 4:00pm

What airport do we fly into?

Asheville (AVL is the airport code)

$2200 Investment

Portraits by Cat

There are three appointments available for workshop attendees to be photographed by Cat on January 18. They are on a first come, first served basis for an additional fee. If you are interested in being photographed by Cat, do reach out to discuss that opportunity in more detail.


A two-day immersive experience in Cat Ford-Coates' Asheville studio with complete access to: lighting, tools, backdrops, wardrobe, and more.
Considerr this workshop as your invitation to become the Artist you've been waiting for.


A private FB group will be made available for paid attendees to collaborate and inform prior to attending to plan and make accommodations following enrollment.

Angie Whitten

Sharing her experience in an in person workshop with Cat Ford-Coates & Saray Taylor-Roman in 2023
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“I have always believed, and I still believe, that whatever good or bad fortune may come our way we can always give it meaning and transform it into something of value.”


Join us Jan 16&17 for
CREATE: an in person workshop

designing your "artistic style" requires that you actually CREATE; not for others, but for yourself. It requires that you play, that you fail, and that you love.
Join us in January for this explorative workshop with Cat Ford-Coates to unfold the next level of love for your craft as an Artist.

Creative Exploration

through CONNECTION: to yourself

Discover your confidence

as an Artist

Connect and create with abandon

to create Art you are proud of