The Consultation Collection

The Consultation Collection

The consultation is the most important part of your client journey. It impacts your client's experience in a myriad of ways and impacts the sale you receive. Solve your client's problems, educate them on your process, on opportunities available to them, and on expectations and boundaries.

  • Customizable Canva presentations for Portrait AND Branding
  • Intake/Discovery call and Consultation Scripts
  • Client Questionnaires

Why should I take this course?

Because you're wasting time, energy, and resources only for clients to reschedule at the last minute. Because clients are pressing every last nerve during your sessions with running late, or running over on time, and then a laundry list of objections about how they never knew you were "this expensive".
Low sales or worse yet no sales happening in your studio? Clients rescheduling or cancelling at the last minute? Maybe they're turning up with the exact WRONG wardrobe even though you sent them a prep guide. Maybe they're running rampant and micromanaging the session because they dont trust that you, their Photographer will capture what they want, or your sessions are running SO long that you're exhausted? 
This course is for you. I've got you. Your clients will feel prepared, they will feel heard so that you understand their vision, their goals, and their desires for their session with you. They will feel educated about the opportunities available to them for their artwork or in branding HOW they can leverage their imageryr to make money.
You will feel solid and supported in communicating your boundaries and their expectations based on your process. Get ready for a seamless transition with all of your sessions.

Go home, tell your partner:
"Babe! I found it! I can finally prepare my clients for spending money AND not have to worry about another last minute cancellation again!"
The Consultation happens before EVERY single session; no matter the purpose of the shoot. WHY? Because next to the experience in the studio you offer, it is the piece of the puzzle where you inform the client, educate the client on expectations, your process, where you showcase your products, and create opportunity for and with them.  It's where you set boundaries (like with last minute cancellations), and help them to feel prepared for working with you and empowered to purchase from you. Whether you're working with one person or twenty people your Consultation sets the stage for how they experience working with you and how they choose to buy from you.
If you're ready to really connect with your clients and make more money with them, don't miss this opportunity.
cat ford-coates

What's included?

Live audience training

Join me for live training on:
  • The purpose of your consultation
  • How to approach each and every one so your client feels informed, understood, and prepared for their session with you
  • Overview of each PDF keynote by genre so you have the full material at your fingertips

Keynotes (Brand Advantage & Portrait), & Scripts

Links to Canva keynote templates which you can:
  1. Make a copy and Save to YOUR Canva account
  2. Utilize my imagery or replace with your own.
Tailor the material to your business

  • The Portrait Presentation is 43 slides
  • The Branding Presentation is 47 slides

Both are included and Done For YOU with proven strategy and copy to educate and inspire your clients in their sessions with you!

Scripts for you to walk through your consultations with so your client feels informed, prepared, and empowered for their session before they ever step in front of your camera
how to:

Educate Your Clients

Write your awesome label here.

Our job is to prepare our clients; on how to come to the session, what kinds of clothing to bring, what to expect on the day and when they will make their final selections for purchase.

During our branding consultations it is also imperative that we educate them on the opportunities and strategies they can put into place to grow their reach and increase their engagement in their marketing too!
We do that by outlining a branding path for them to follow that works for them and then teach them how simple it is to create branding assets FROM their imagery with us to leverage in the marketplace.

We must educate them on the HOW

The Consultation Collection includes this and more for you to implement into your studio workflow:

  • questionnaires for your clients
  • scripts for intake calls and design consultation appointments
  • Presentation templates for you to customize with your imagery for both Branding & Portrait Genres

Mentees & Their Words

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There are 1000's of courses out there so how do you choose? For me what and how Cat Ford-Coates teaches is a no brainer. Having ADHD makes it difficult for me to break down information and organize it in my brain, and Cat is a master of explaining and breaking down actionable steps. She uses language in a way that just makes every concept so clear. I have a million AHA moments. I feel the investment in what Cat offers comes back tenfold. Like I said, her courses are the best investment!

Brenda Spielmann
I certainly thought I was providing enough education with the consultation that I have, but this took it to another level. I really appreciate the extra guidance on getting deeper with clients on what it is they want to get out of the session, plus the continual education on how to use the images they choose from the session. The prepayment option was also huge - hadn't even thought of how to do that and now I'm going to make sure it's part of my process. Now it's up to me to make sure I'm connecting what is discussed in the consult to what they see in their final imagery. Can't wait to put this all into practice!
jennifer horst
I’m so proud of myself for investing in your coaching. I am in awe of the work you’re sharing with us. Thank you!


Frequently asked questions

Is this helpful if I'm already doing consultations with my clients?

Absolutely! Your consultation is the KEY to educating your customers about the process and the opportunities availablle to them with your imagery. Whether you're a branding photographer or a portrait photographer wanting to increase your average sale, this collection will dramatically improve their preparedness and your communication.

Is this helpful if I am still building my portfolio?

Yes! There is stock imagery throughout and in fact you're welcome to keep MY imagery and replace with your own as your folio grows or simply keep mine. Up to you. The only imagery I recommend you include is product imagery of your favorite products with your vendors.

Is it worthwhile if I don't shoot Branding?

Yup! The Canva templates I've designed are for Portrait genres and Branding is a separate template. If you don't shoot Branding, just don't use the template, though I will say after you see how to utilize them, you may want to ;-)