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Each of these professionals has studied with Cat Ford-Coates directly and she is proud to have each of them as supporters and ambassadors for The Studio Takeover.
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Cat Ford-Coates

"I've witnessed their progress as artists, business owners, and as people and it is my honor to know that their diligent pursuit of growth through mentorship with me has contributed to their expansion."
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Adrienne Alivia Klotz
Adrienne Alivia Photography
Pittsburgh, PA & Los Angeles, CA

Adrienne has 25+ years working in Hollywood ranging from Producer, Lighting Director, Touring Lighting Designer, Stills Photographer, Colorist, and Digital Image Technician.  She also spent part of her professional career as a Registered Nurse and working in the healing arts. She has recently launched her own Portrait Photography Studio, Adrienne Alivia Photography, based in Pittsburgh PA.  (Though you may still find her on a set supporting select Cinematographers.)
She is a multi faceted artist who uses a paint brush as often as a camera. The two disciplines reveal themselves in work that has a playful joy and depth.  This work is for those who are drawn to it. 
People who enjoy it and wish to share joy with others. Their joy shared in a portrait of themselves or family members, or a smile brought from looking at a beloved painting.
Adrienne has been working with light from an early age.  Her first introduction to lighting was in High School Theater, followed by a degree in Technical Theater and Design.  “I was taking pictures before I had a camera, I didn’t know it, but that’s what I was doing…seeing the Light.”

Angie Whitten
My Harmony Photography
Tacoma/Puyallup, WA

Photographer, artist, people-person
Here’s the short and sweet of it – I’m short and sweet (LOL, and have a never-ending sense of humor). I’m a people person, an extrovert, and family gal with an amazing husband, 3 grown kids and four ADORABLE grandsons, Scout, Isaiah, Rogue and Ezra. I can’t begin to express the gratitude I have that I’m able to do what I LOVE for a living, giving me time to spend with family and friends. The most important thing to me is trust in relationships – I believe that when trust is present, magic happens!I’m a true professional photographer
As for my photography, I’m a serial student and CONSTANTLY work to hone my craft. As a graduate of the New York Institute of Photography (and a boatload of workshops, books, podcasts and classes) I have learned a TON about all the photography things! Lighting, posing, body angles, editing, setup – I have you covered all the way down to posing your hands. I love meeting new clients whether it’s a brand new baby, a couple newly engaged and googly-eyed or a woman who has forgotten how to find her inner vixen – all of my sessions, and clients, are incredible and my favorite thing about my career is that no two photoshoots are the same! I strive to give the best experience and sharpen my skills. I have won multiple photography awards (I’ll show you my blue ribbons when you visit my studio!) and am on an ever-changing, twisty, unpredictable ride to become the best I can be in my photography.
OK, that sounded cheesier than I meant it, but I’m a photographer, not a writer lol! The feeling I get when my clients see their images is like my version of chocolate, or cheesecake, or… well you get the idea. It’s a high that is second-to-none for me. Seeing your reaction when you view your photos is kinda my favorite thing, or at least it ranks really high on the list!

Ashanta Staten
But A MomentPhotography

Meet Ashanta Staten, a talented, award winning and internationally published portrait photographer hailing from Sanford, NC, just outside the vibrant city of Raleigh. Ashanta embarked on her photography journey in 2016, initially capturing the magic of weddings through her lens. However, her passion for empowering women professionally and personally through imagery led her to specialize in the world of portrait photography. Today, Ashanta's artistry shines through her captivating portraits, encompassing the realms of beauty, boudoir, and branding. With a keen eye for detail and an unwavering commitment to capturing the essence of her subjects, she creates images that not only reflect outer beauty but also reveal the inner charisma of each individual. Ashanta's work goes beyond the lens; it's a form of self-expression that empowers her clients and allows them to embrace their unique identities. Through her lens, she illuminates the stories, dreams, and aspirations of those she photographs, making her a sought-after name in the world of portraiture. Discover the world through Ashanta's camera, where every image tells a compelling story, and beauty knows no bounds.

Dr Donnamaria Jones
Circa Life Images
Washington DC

Donnamaria is a published, award-winning portrait and wedding photographer based in the Washington DC-Maryland-Virginia area.  
She owns and operates Circa Life Images Studio, a 2,500 square foot space located on the north end of Waldorf in Southern Maryland. The spacious facility has a very large bay door entrance and offers a range of professional imaging services to include portrait, lifestyle and automotive photography. The studio is conveniently located off the main thoroughfare, MD Route 301, with ample parking just a few feet from the main entrance. She also travels internationally to provide on location photography services.
Donnamaria is a member of:
  • Exposure Group
  • African American Photographers Association 
  • White House News Photographers Association 
  • American Society of Media Photographers. 
  • Professional Photographers of America 
  • Washington Project For The Arts 
  • Wedding and Portrait Professionals
  • International National Association of Photoshop Professionals/KelbyOne

Her photography experience extends to corporate and military events, photojournalism, sports, charity event coverage and intimate fine art portraiture.
"I love capturing this journey called "Life".  Like riding your favorite roller coaster, no two experiences are ever the same. Photography allows us to hold on to precious moments; to relive those amazing experiences; and to keep our family and friends forever in our hearts and minds. Whether its your wedding day, a new baby, family portraits, or that "dream photo shoot" you've been longing for, I will customize an experience to fit your needs.  
Join me in creating beautiful long-lasting memories."

Judith Hill Levenson
Judith Hill Photography
Nashville, TN

Photography transformed my life. I chose this path because I found my value by showing others theirs. I capture the best a person has to offer and I show it back to them. That causes a positive ripple effect in that person’s life, in their family, and communities. This is why we truly exist. I know this ripple effect because I see it in clients, and I have experienced it myself.
Self Portraiture has always been a part of my practice because through photography I started to see myself differently and it built my confidence. And that’s what I do for others. Beyond this ripple effect, photography is evidence we exist in this world. We all deserve to honor our life through portraits because tomorrow is not guaranteed. This is our legacy.
Me personally, I am a seeker. I’m a seeker of wisdom, art, and beauty. I’m a seeker of the soul. Because of this, whatever I’m learning in order to become the best version of myself I share. I share it with my clients, my family, my friends. I’m on a mission of self revolution for all that cross my path, including myself. My medium to do that portraiture and connection.

Matt Stagliano
Bethel, ME

Matt Stagliano had a wide ranging corporate career before honing in on portrait photography and starting Stonetree Creative, Maine's premier portrait studio. It's this eclectic background that has given him a unique perspective when capturing moments, individuals, and stories through his photography. In 2021, his dedication and skill were formally recognized when he was awarded Master Photographer by The Portrait Masters.
Matt is an accomplished videographer and editor as well, having worked for Outside Television, producing commercial content, and winning several awards for the 2020 film #SHERO Project on which he collaborated.
Matt also hosts and produces "Generator" which is a podcast all about the act of creation - in business, relationships, and art. When he's not in the studio, Matt's an active contributor to the broader photography community. He often shares his insights, techniques, and experiences on well-regarded platforms such as The Portrait System Podcast and The Artists Forge. Through these platforms and direct mentorship, Matt helps budding photographers navigate the complexities of the field, ensuring that the industry continues to evolve and innovate. For those keen to explore Matt's portfolio or perhaps gain a deeper understanding of his photographic approach, his website, serves as a comprehensive resource. It not only showcases his work but also offers glimpses into the man behind the camera, his philosophy, and his commitment to the art of photography.

Myriah Wood
Atelier Unforgettable
Asheville, NC

Photography can show us truth where we sometimes struggle to see it. All of us have a story, whether it be one of beauty or of bravery. Growing up in the Turks and Caicos, I was lucky enough to be surrounded by an environment that anyone would consider beautiful. However, I often felt overwhelmed by a world that seemed cruel. There was just too much of it to see and to understand. I remember a feeling of satisfaction when I looked through a camera. Photography gave me a way to crop reality down to an understandable portion. I became fascinated by the power of the camera to compress a sometimes overwhelming world into a single story. It was first through that small frame that I learned that the world was beautiful.