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What our learners say

Click through these testimonials to see their videos on our YouTube channel for their experience in learning with Cat.
"I had faith in you and what I wanted, and you said 'and faith in yourself'..."
Mim Quine
"When we're doing EVERYTHING we can't be in service at our fullest power."
Joni Hough
"Im building my business and staying in my photo related job as I build these foundations for success."
Alena Florie
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Testimonial: Working with cat

Going All In with Canadian Portrait Photographer
Aamel Abed of Diamonds Portraits

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Canadian portrait photographer Aamel Abed shares how coming to the portrait space following a career in IT she sold her work, as many of us do for $60 a session and included everything for her clients and as of March 2024 is at a $3000+ sales average
What does coaching with cat look like?

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Support in real time with business owners building their portrait studios under the support from Cat Ford-Coates
Testimonial: Working with cat

From Pawn Shop Employee to Successful Portrait Artist with Simon Diez

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Portrait artist Simon Diez shares how approaching life and business through community is how he's been able to grow at an exponential rate. Enrolling in educational programs with Cat among others has allowed him to leave his position as a pawn shop employee to now having a successful portrait studio and offering workshops with all-star line-ups with photograohy educators in his Washington studio.

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